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Mike and Jody Herdzik


Mike graduated from Trinity Baptist College in 2002.  He taught at West Seneca Christian School the following school year.  He moved to First Baptist Church of Hamburg in November of 2003 and served there as the Assistant Pastor.

He then moved to Kennedy NY and started the New Beginnings Baptist Church in 2011. Mike and Jody were married in 2006 enjoy spending time together with their children (Anna, Michael, and Phillip) and serving the Lord together in Kennedy.  They are excited about what God has already done, what He is doing now, and what He will do at New Beginnings in Kennedy NY!  Since starting New Beginnings God has worked in great ways to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide the needed resources to include a building to start this new church!

Mike and Jody Herdzik

Phone 716.601.5158


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