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  • To see Church Planting America work alongside strong and vibrant New Testament churches in a nation-wide church planting effort!

  • To rekindle the fires of effective evangelism and discipleship so that new converts are consistently transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!

  • To make available to busy church planters and pastors the training and resources needed to reach their “Jerusalem” with the gospel and to impact a lost world for Christ!

  • To assemble a team of experienced “missionary consultants” in matters ranging from pastoral counseling to facility construction to leadership training to strategic planning to professional development to financial management!

  • To rest in the power of the Holy Spirit to do through CPA all that God desires!


  • We believe that God’s Word is the foundation for all knowledge and that it is the catalyst for spiritual and moral transformation.

  • We believe that the local church is God’s vehicle for world evangelization.

  • We believe that lost people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to believers.

  • We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

  • We believe that new and small congregations deserve encouragement and edification.

  • We believe that our message is fixed, but our methods are flexible.

  • We believe that there is no substitute for godly, spiritual leadership.

  • We believe that partnership with pastors and churches is essential in fulfilling our mission.

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