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Dr. Charles Shoemaker was born and reared in the Chicago area, where he was converted to Christ at the early age of eight through the bus and AWANA ministries.  At the age of sixteen, Charles was called to preach.  After completing high school, he attended and graduated from the Institute of Biblical Studies of Liberty University, earning a diploma in Bible.  He also has earned a Bachelor’s degree (B.R.E.) in Pastoral Theology, a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) from Nova Southeastern University.  He has received honorary doctorates, including the D.D. degree from Midwestern Baptist College, the L.H.D. degree from Liberty University, and the Litt.D. from Temple Baptist College.

Charles has been in full-time ministry since 1975 having served as a church planter and senior pastor.  In July of 1995, he joined the staff of Trinity Ministries, serving as Administrative Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and President/CEO of Trinity Baptist College. He has preached and taught more than 5,000 times in over 400 churches across the country.  Dr. Shoemaker has an extreme passion for church planting!  He feels that there is nothing more thrilling an exciting than a new birth!  So it is with Church Planting. New churches possess energy, passion, joy, and vision. There is a “spiritual electricity” that is obvious in new churches that cannot be duplicated else­where. His deep burden for the Gospel and specifically the ministry of church planting inspires him to reach out and assist church planters.

In order for us to see and experience a genuine move of God in our country, Dr. Shoemaker and all those who serve with CPA believe that new churches must be planted. Churches today are closing at alarming numbers, new church plants are failing, and many older, established congregations are struggling to evangelize their communities.  Charles desires to work together with pastors and churches to plant healthier, dynamic, growing churches in America and in the world.  His prayer is that Church planting America will help lead the way towards a great revival of planting Baptist churches all across our great nation! Thank you for your prayers and desire and efforts to help us Impact America…one church at a time!

He and his wife, Sharon, have been married for 41 years and reside in Jacksonville, Florida.  They have two daughters, Amy and Emily; two sons-in-law, Dennis and Michael (all in full-time ministry); two grandsons, Charles and Daniel, and four granddaughters, Michaela, Sophia, Ella Grace, and Kate Marie.  In addition to spending time with his family, Dr. Shoemaker enjoys reading, writing, and politics.

I have often stated that the happiest place in a hospital is the maternity ward – as there is nothing like a new birth!  So it is with Church Planting.  New churches possess energy, passion, joy, and vision. There is a “spiritual electricity” that is obvious in new churches that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.  I am so honored and grateful that God has called me to assist church planters.  If all of us work together, we can make a difference in America and in the world for the cause of Christ! 

In Him,

Charles T. Shoemaker

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