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Philosophy of Ministry



Every Church, if it is to grow, must answer questions such as, "Who are we?" and "Where are we going?" Far too many pastors and churches struggle due to lack of a clear, written Biblical philosophy of ministry. This booklet outlines a suggested philosophy of ministry which can serve as a model for your use.



Pastors who are intending to plant a new church or revise a constitution in an older, established congregation, will find this resource to be invaluable! Writ-ten with a strong view towards pastoral leadership.



A simple, practical approach to finances in the local church. Included in this booklet are forms which will assist the pastor in budgeting and reporting of expenses. Many churches have greatly benefited from this helpful resource.



Sample tools to help your church grow! The pastor who seeks to be organized will find this booklet to be extremely helpful. Everything from a suggested deacon meeting agenda to employees’ vacation policy to sample letters to visitors! This sixteen page booklet will save you hours of work! 

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